San Vito lo Capo weekend

on a sailing boat

Weekend San Vito Lo Capo

SAILING WEEKEND in San Vito Lo Capo and Macari

The origins of San Vito Lo Capo are linked to an ancient legend which narrates the vicissitudes of a young Roman patrician, the son of a high official of ancient Rome.

One day the young man, to escape the persecutions of Diocletian, decides to flee from Mazzara, his hometown.
After a few days of sailing north, a storm forced Vito's ship to land in a gulf protected from the wind by a rocky cape well known by the sailors of the time (Egitarso or Egitallo his name) and here the three would try to convert the inhabitants of the Conturrana village, which stood about three kilometers from the sea, under a high rock.
Vito, Modesto and Crescenzia failed to convert the villagers to their faith, and indeed they were driven out and threatened by them.
It was then that, as a divine punishment, a huge landslide came to bury the village and its inhabitants.

Thus the town was born, but many decades still had to pass for San Vito Lo Capo and its districts to become inhabited centers in the true sense of the word.
Today the hamlets of Macari and are part of the same municipality
  Castelluzzo immersed in the green Sicilian countryside and very close to one of the most beautiful stretches of the Trapani coast.

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Live an unforgettable experience on a Sailboat, sailing to the Egadi Islands!

  Departure time and port :

Check in 9.00 am - Departure at 9.30 am - Return scheduled for about 5.00 pm on the last day.  

Port of embarkation  : Trapani Tourist Port - Marina Stabile


Day 1: Trapani / San Vito Lo Capo

  • Arrival by boat in the morning and accommodation in the cabins.

  • We set sail for San Vito Lo Capo

  • Stop for a swim along the way with a light lunch on board

  • Arrival in San Vito and free dinner

  • Overnight on board

Day 2: San Vito Lo Capo / Macari

  • Breakfast on board

  • We set sail to discover the coast of Macari, the Bue marino, the Tonnara del Secco

  • Swim stops along the way and light lunch on board

  • Arrival at the port of Trapani and check out by 18.00. ​​



Accommodation in a double cabin with attached bathroom (there are 2 bathrooms on board).

Clean sheets, quilt, pillows with pillow cases.


Sanitization of the boat before, during the tour and final cleaning.

A trained, informal and welcoming crew who love the sea and live it in an eco-sustainable way.

Towels and beach towel must be personal.

On the boat there is an external shower, the ladder to get into the water, comfortable external seats and cockpit with removable table, ample space on the deck and in the bow,  where you can sunbathe.

Membership card included


** Please always bring a beach towel or sarong to spread on the deck of the boat and do not use sun oils, as they make the surface slippery.

Please take a look at ours  REGULATION ON BOARD.


  • Moorings.

  • Dinners always free.

  • Additional guest requests on board.


The food on board is prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

Please indicate any tolerances in order to prepare a meal that suits your needs. To get to know our cuisine on board  CLICK HERE


On our boats we only serve AC LIFESTYLE wines and sparkling wines, our main sponsor.

The bottle of NO STRESS sparkling wine can be requested at the time of booking.

To know the brand you can  CLICK HERE

⚓  ACCESSORIES INCLUDED : Music diffusion outside the boat with i-pod connection, internal phone recharge, phone pockets, WI-FI on request on board.


In navigation, guests can try their hand at the helm and experience the thrill of steering the sailboat, acquiring all the main notions on how to go to sea with our captains and skippers.

On the Ander Boat the captain usually entertains guests on board with a jam session accompanied by acoustic guitar.

Snorkeling to discover the coast. (Please bring your own mask and snorkel).


Upon boarding you will be greeted by our team.

To know us click on the link.


Our fleet can count on the beautiful Ander Sailboat -  Dehler 38 , sporty and with an exceptional and splendid upwind performance  Hanse 411 , robust, spacious and reliable.

Please take a look at ours  REGULATION ON BOARD

When booking the Tour, the available Sailboat will be confirmed. ​


For weekend maximum 4/6 people on board + 2 crew).

The Sailboat is washed and sanitized before and after the tour with sanitary products.

On board you will find hand gel.

Our team members  are in possession of the patent BLS-D PBLS-D COVID 19, basic life support- early defibrillation, basic support of vital functions and early defibrillation. to be saved with the new COVID protocols.


The tour is carried out only if the sea, wind and weather conditions are suitable for navigation.If for some reason the weather is not suitable for navigation, the tour will be canceled and / or postponed to another date and the deposit paid will be refunded at the time of booking. Please read the REFUND POLICY  CLICK HERE


All the activities of our association are reserved for registered members.

At the time of requesting the chosen activity, we will provide you with all the information and registration forms.

⚓  NOTE: 

The proposed experience is intended EXCLUSIVELY for a minimum of two to a maximum of 6 people.

Aquamarine is not a charter agency but an association of cultural tours and cruises with the aim of promoting the territory, culture and traditions of Sicily.