Marriage proposal
on a sailing boat

I love you.
You are too important a thought
to be held in one hand,
you are a recurring song in my dreams.
Love is a word of light,
written by a hand of light,
on a page of light.
(Khalil Gibran)

Exclusive Marriage Proposal on a Sailboat

Make an important moment of your life unique and original!  

Make your partner dream with a unique and original marriage proposal.

You can make this dream come true on an exclusive sailboat, in front of an unforgettable sunset.

Crystal clear sea and a breathtaking sunset will be the perfect background to make this moment unique and create a magical atmosphere of privacy, intimacy and romance that are the perfect ingredients to experience the most important moment of life on the floor.

With Aquamarine you can make this very important moment truly unforgettable.

You and your partner can live an exclusive romantic experience on a Sailboat, in an intimate and cozy atmosphere, while the sea around you will have the best treasures to show you.

Transform this moment in a completely original way, with a heavenly view of the sea, the wind in your hair and far from the mainland.

It will be the most elegant and exclusive way to do it, without being too flashy.


When we pause in front of the intense blue of the sea, our thoughts fly straight to the immense and its incredible grandeur and naturalistic beauty in front of us that gives us a sense of unparalleled peace.

This is the magical gift of the sea, which transmits all its strength to calm us and opens our thoughts to us directing them towards positive intentions. Above all on board an exclusive sailboat you will see the open sea which, illuminating you, will transform your wedding proposal into a real fairy tale with its bright and shining reflections.

Aquamarine will help you make this important milestone even more unforgettable, to make the most romantic declaration of love ever.


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