Egadi islands sailing boat excursions
Egadi on a sailing boat from Trapani 

Sailboat excursion to the Egadi Islands

Excursion  sailboat Egadi Islands from Trapani  

Favignana and Levanzo

The Egadi archipelago is located at the western end of Sicily, a few miles from Trapani, and is made up of the islands of  Favignana ,  Levanzo ,  Marettimo , The archipelago is a popular destination for snorkelling, diving and sailing enthusiasts.


FAVIGNANA- "The butterfly of the Egadi Islands"

The island of Favignana, the capital and the largest island of the Egadi archipelago is defined as a butterfly (with outstretched wings) due to its peculiar shape divided into two parts by the hill of Santa Caterina. Called Aegusa by the Greeks, it owes its current name to the Favonio wind, which always laps it, making the climate mild and cool.

Bays, sandy or rocky beaches, Favignana satisfies everyone's tastes. The beaches with fine and golden sand are Cala Azzurra, Lido Burrone, the Calamoni, then there are also suggestive coves of sand and pebbles located in the area of Punta Lunga, Preveto, Faraglioni and Punta Thin.

Cala Rossa takes its name mythically, like so many places in our Sicily, from terrible and sad facts as if to reiterate that even in the worst situation we always manage to get the best.

Here in 241 before Christ on March 10, a terrible naval battle took place, so many were the victims that the entire golfetto was colored red blood.


Levanzo is a special island, Those who stop there must love the sea deeply, but must also love the land, must have the taste of living nature, walking or riding a mule in the paths that climb towards the mountain, he must love people, he must know how to be with people, without any prejudice, know how to listen to them and know how to tell each other, but with discretion. The seabed of Levanzo is a true paradise for those who love diving. The sea, which takes on all shades of green and deep blue, rich in flora and fauna, still preserves numerous archaeological finds dating back to the Punic battles and the Roman period. Amphorae, vases, anchors lie in the depths of this generous sea that jealously guards centuries-old stories, stories of men and battles, myths and legends.


In order to preserve the natural beauty of the archipelago, the Protected Marine Area (AMP) of the Egadi Islands, the largest marine reserve in Europe, was recently established.  


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Sailboat excursion to the Egadi Islands

Live an unforgettable experience on a sailing boat, sailing to the Egadi Islands, discovering the most famous coves of Favignana and Levanzo.


Check in at 9.10 am - Departure at 9.30 am - Return scheduled for approximately 17.00 / 17.30  

Port of embarkation  : Marina di Trapani (google maps will be sent to you).

CAR PARKING: We recommend that you park your car on the blue lines, in front of the Embarkation Marina, with a daily ticket from the automatic machine.


Sailing towards the island of Favignana we begin the circumnavigation of the island.

First swim stop in Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra, Cala Rotonda, Lido Burrone (depending on the winds), in total tranquility and without haste you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of these famous coves and enjoy the light lunch on board, cooked with local products and typical of the Trapani tradition. We set sail in the direction of Levanzo (if the sea and wind conditions allow it) to make a stop in Cala Fridda or Cala Minnola and then restart the return to the port of Trapani by sailing!  

*** If all guests on board, by mutual agreement, wish to go ashore in Favignana, for an aperitif or lunch, it is possible to stop ashore, there will be one less bathroom stop and a small extra cost of the mooring in the port of Favignana and € 5.00 per person of the Egadi tax, to get off on the island.


Fuel, Breakfast, Light lunch, snacks on board, drinks on board, membership card, a trained, informal and welcoming crew who love the sea and who live it in a passionate and eco-sustainable way.

On board you can use the bathroom on deck, the space in the dinette where you can put your bags and an aft cabin to change your swimsuit.

On the boat there is an external shower, the ladder to get into the water, comfortable external seats, a cockpit with a removable table, ample space on the deck and in the bow,  where you can sunbathe or enjoy a sail!

** Please always bring a towel to hang out on the deck of the boat and do not use sun oils, as they make the surface slippery and therefore dangerous.


We love to pamper our guests on board and the moment to set sail is the right occasion to serve the captain's coffee (strictly with the mocha) on board!

Our first stop in the cove includes a snack with typical Sicilian products (pane cunzato, arancina, panelle, arancine or Mediterranean focaccia) and fresh seasonal fruit.

The Light lunch on board is prepared and cooked fresh every morning, with local ingredients and an original menu, with tastes taken from the Mediterranean tradition and which enhances the products and recipes of Sicilian cuisine.

Every day the menu is always different and among our most popular dishes you will find: rice salad, tabuleh or Arab cous cous, gnocchetti alla trapanese, spaghetti with fresh tomatoes.

We always include fresh seasonal fruit, mineral or sparkling water in 1/2 liter personal bottles.

In our menu there are no fish or meat dishes, just to meet the tastes of all our guests and to avoid dangerous poisoning.

*** Please report any intolerances in order to propose an alternative suited to your needs.


On our boats we only serve AC LIFESTYLE wines and sparkling wines, our main sponsor.

The bottle of NO STRESS sparkling wine or white wine is considered an extra and can be requested at the time of booking.

To know the brand you can CLICK HERE


In navigation, guests can try their hand at the helm and experience the thrill of steering the sailboat, acquiring all the main notions on how to go to sea with our captains and skippers.

On the Ander Boat the captain usually entertains guests on board with a jam session accompanied by acoustic guitar.

Snorkeling to discover the coast. (Please bring your own mask and snorkel).

  ACCESSORIES INCLUDED:  Music diffusion outside the boat with i-pod connection, internal phone recharge, phone pockets, WI-FI on request on board.


Upon boarding you will be greeted by our team.

To know us click on the link.


Our fleet can count on the beautiful Dehler 38 sailing boat, sporty and with an exceptional upwind performance and a splendid Hans 40 ,  robust, spacious and reliable.


At the time of booking the Tour, the Sailboat that is available will be confirmed.


The Sailboat is washed and sanitized before and after the tour with sanitary products. On board you will find hand gel.

Our team is in possession of the BLS-D COVID 19 patent, basic life support- early defibrillation, basic life support and early defibrillation for rescue with the new COVID protocols.


The excursion is carried out only if the sea, wind and weather conditions are suitable for navigation.If for some reason the weather is not suitable for navigation, the tour will be canceled and / or postponed to another date and the deposit will be refunded paid at the time of booking. REFUND POLICY CLICK HERE


To our guests, who book a day tour with us, we offer the opportunity to stay overnight on board, in the boat moored at the Marina of Trapani. You will be awakened with a typical Sicilian breakfast and the captain's coffee. FOR INFO CLICK HERE


All the activities of our association are reserved for registered members.

At the time of requesting the chosen activity, we will provide you with all the information and registration forms, which is a very fast procedure.

⚓  NOTE: 

Aquamarine is not a charter or boat rental agency but an association of cultural tours and cruises with the aim of promoting the territory, culture and traditions of Sicily.

The experience can also be requested as an exclusive.