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Mermaiding Courses and Events

In collaboration with Maya Devi of Sirenes Lifestyle


Mermaiding is an expression of the English language that can be translated as "acting like a siren". Mermaiding can therefore be defined as the aquatic discipline that reproduces the swimming of mermaids, the mythological figures half woman half fish.

In Mermaiding, thanks to the use of a sheath that encloses the body from the hips to the feet and ending with a monofin, you swim with fluid movements of the pelvis, using both legs as a caudal fin. The monofin, in which the feet are inserted, is made of flexible plastic and is covered with a soft and resistant fabric that allows each fin to move fast and dynamic underwater; all the lower muscular and skeletal chain is activated giving power to the thrust without any effort from the back. Then, assisting with the arms, unique series of swimming activities, hydrodynamic and elegant underwater rotations and pirouettes can be performed.


The benefits


The regular practice of Mermaiding leads to strengthening the dorsal and lumbosacral muscles, gives toned lower limbs and buttocks, harmonious movements and the prolongation of the apnea phases: Mermaiding, once you have learned the basic techniques, is a mainly underwater discipline that includes apnea phases interspersed with short ascents to the surface.

Mermaiding is a complete discipline, which if practiced with constancy and dedication gives a high degree of physical, emotional and mental harmonization, an increase in awareness and self-esteem, the fluidity and elegance of movements even outside the water, the opportunity to free oneself from blocks and fears. For many it can become a lifestyle, an artistic expression of body and mind, the opportunity to live the dream by transforming into a mermaid or a newt, mythical beings capable of living in harmony with themselves and in symbiosis with the environment in which immersed.

Swimming underwater, in the absence of external noises, immersed, lulled and caressed by the water, listening to your breath and heartbeat, surrounded by marine flora and fauna, you reconnect with yourself in respect of your nature. This is the great gift that comes from the practice of Mermaiding. Finally, Mermaiding is suitable for everyone and all ages. Naturally, it is necessary to have a bit of water and the desire to experience the sea with respect and love.

How a lesson is structured


Our queen mermaids instructors will follow you on this exciting journey to discover the mermaiding technique.


Each course consists of the following phases:

  • Dry exercises

  • Exercises in the water

  • Preparation with mermaid yoga

  • Preparation for freediving

  • Going out to sea


We offer three types of COURSES which vary according to the duration, from a minimum of 4 hours (1 day) to a maximum of 12 hours (three days).

Depending on the option chosen, it will be more or less practical in the open sea.


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