Boat and Bed

Sleeping on a sailing boat lulled by the sea!

Treat yourself to one or more nights sleeping lulled by the sea  on the Ander Sailboat

Wonderfully pampered by our staff and from the comfort of the boat you can enjoy two double cabins with private electric bathroom.

Two cabins to choose from:

STARBOARD: The Dream sea cabin

LEFT: buddha room

Enjoy a romantic evening with your partner, or with your friends or family.

We also offer this solution to guests who take part in the Egadi day tours from Trapani, to stay overnight on the boat and set sail with us the next morning.

The BOAT & BED solution can also include breakfast  , on request.

The cabin is for the exclusive use of the booked night.

Choose the beauty of being in contact with water and the elements of nature, or for an escape from work, both in summer and in winter!

Mooring  to the Marina of Trapani