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On Board Etiquette

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Aquamarine follows the philosophy of eco-sustainable in all the activities it proposes, spreading an ECO-FRIENDLY lifestyle for the sea and the surrounding environment.

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Please read the On Board Regulations carefully:

  • Sailing on a sailing boat there are some simple rules to respect to allow all guests to have an experience in safety and tranquility:

  • USE OF THE WC on board.

  • It is forbidden to use the toilet on board while sailing. You can use the toilet with motor boating or with calm sea. During stops it is not possible to use the toilet to defecate, but only to urinate. To use the toilet on board, you must always ask the crew for permission so that they can instruct you on how to use it. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to throw toilet paper, sanitary napkins or any other material in the toilet. Use the special baskets provided. Guests on board are advised that in the event of inattention and breakdown of the toilet on board, the costs of repairing the toilet will be charged, which amount to € 150.00.

  • MODERATE SMOKING ON BOARD, SMOKING IS POSSIBLE ONLY AFT SAILS (closed), AFT, with the permission of the Captain and one person at a time. It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts into the sea.All soft drugs are forbidden on board. Electronic cigarettes are allowed.

  • MODERATE ALCOHOLIC CONSUMPTION ON BOARD We advise our guests not to use excessive alcohol, so as not to feel bad and not to spoil the experience of the other guests on board. It is forbidden to bring personal alcohol of any kind on board.

  • IT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE TANNING SPRAY OILS and OILS - Please use ONLY NON-OILY SPRAY or CREAMS, because the oils grease the boat and make the glass resin slippery. This becomes dangerous as you could slip into the sea.


  • NO TO SCREAMS, SLAMS or HIGH MUSIC on board, so as not to disturb the tranquility of all guests.

  • IT IS FORBIDDEN TO GO ON DECK while we are sailing with open sails, in order to avoid falls.

  • IT IS FORBIDDEN TO DIVE FROM THE BOW or from the lifelines (metal wires of the boat) because it is dangerous. You can dive from the stern.

  • BEWARE OF MOBILE PHONES, OTHER ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT or PERSONAL EFFECTS On board you will find the special netted pockets for mobile phones. It will not be possible to recover mobile phones or other personal items if they fall into the sea.

  • SEPARATE COLLECTION on Board - Let's Safeguard the Sea and Nature!

  • SEA SICKNESS - If you are not used to sailing, we recommend that you take one tablet of XAMAMINA, against seasickness, 2 hours before departure. Your well-being is your responsibility to respect the well-being of everyone on board. On group tours we will not be able to return to the port to leave people suffering from seasickness. In the exclusives it is at the guest's discretion to return to the port and finish the tour first.

  • CHILDREN Children are welcomed on board, but parents must be responsible for their safety and security. Please take back your children in case they put themselves at risk for themselves or others on board.

  • NO TO FISHING - On our boat in Velai it is forbidden to fish, in any form, as we respect the sea and its inhabitants!

  • SAILING is a way of life, on board all the participants collaborate with the crew to navigate and will make sure not to hinder the work on board. Sailing means respecting the rhythms of the sea and the wind and enjoying the journey, not reaching the destination as soon as possible.

  • LIVE THE SEA in RELAX! Our excursions are made to experience the sea in total tranquility and serenity, leave all the usual behaviors at home, get out of the routine of your life and enter the experience itself in contact with the sea and with the elements of nature.

  • THE CAPTAIN reserves the right to modify the routes, the stops, the itinerary according to the sea and wind conditions, to ensure the safety of all on board and to make all participants live a wonderful experience in total security and tranquility.

  • The captain reserves the right to disembark people who do not comply with the regulations or endanger other tour participants or make navigation problematic.

TIPS & TIPS to the captain and the team.

  • On the boat it is a good habit to "leave a tip of appreciation" to the captain and crew. You can leave the tip directly to the captain at the end of the Tour especially if the Tour has met your expectations and the captain has shown professionalism, ability and sympathy!


  • ON BOARD CABINS USE: You will be provided with a change of sheets for the duration of your cruise and you will be responsible for airing your cabin and making your bed. Beach towels are personal and must be brought by the guests themselves.

  • SAILING LIGHT Bring the essentials on board: A bath towel, swimsuit, a k-way or sweatshirt for the evening, comfortable and comfortable clothes and not large rigid suitcases, only soft bags to be placed in the bunk lockers.

  • SEPARATE COLLECTION on Board - Let's Safeguard the Sea and Nature!


  • WATER ON BOARD IS PRECIOUS: Let's not waste it! We use a glass to rinse our teeth or we use water only for the time necessary to wash our hands and body, avoiding unnecessary waste.

  • OUR MENU ON BOARD with fresh ingredients 

    We will offer a light lunch with Mediterranean flavors, with healthy and organic ingredients accompanied by traditional Sicilian street food, fresh fruit, soft drinks and fruit juices, water (everyone will have their own bottle of 50 ml.). Captain's coffee, tea will be available. cold.Our bread is organic with ancient grains.

  • White wine or sparkling wine is considered an extra during the day tours, for the weekend or week tour it will be offered according to the package chosen. AC lifestyle.

  • INTOLERANCES and ALLERGIES: Please report any intolerances to be able to offer you an alternative menu suited to your needs.

  • To find out more about the menu offered on board CLICK HERE

  • REFUND POLICY- Tour cancellation policy.

  • If the weather conditions do not allow navigation on the day of your tour, the parties can decide together to postpone the tour or be refunded the booking deposit.

  • If the guest renounces the tour or in case of non-show upon departure, the deposit will be withheld.

  • Once set sail, no refunds can be requested, even in the event of sudden bad weather during the tour that has already started. The captain of the boat will choose the navigation strategy that best suits the situation and sea conditions.

  • In case of slight discomfort or seasickness, disembarkation at the port or on land cannot be requested. In case of serious illness, we will return to port or request assistance directly at sea from specialized operators.

  • Each of our members takes responsibility for being in excellent physical and mental health.

  • With good manners even the most extreme situations can be solved, with rudeness only useless quarrels and conflicts are created that lead to nothing.


  • We follow the Covid 19 sanitation regulation with products certified by the Ministry of Health.



“Navigating puts you back in a more human condition by helping you to recognize

the really important things in life. "